A world full of opportunities is what Career at TFT feels like.

Trivikram Flowtech team

TFT stands for values that makes you the person you aspire to become. Our Employee value lets you explore your capabilities and your skilled area of expertise.

Learning at TFT

What you learn at TFT is not materialistic but rather what builds your persona. You learn work values and why it is important to work and how it helps you build the life you've always dreamt of living. The quality life filled with experiences that you will be treated to only when you step into the world of business.

Developing Knowledge

Knowledge has no age or time limit and we at TFT believe that everyday is a learning experience. If you pay attention to everything happening around you, you can't help but observe and learn something from it. Likewise, the mentors at TFT are always more than happy to help everyone old & new at TFT. They set exemplary examples of what you can pursue in life and how knowledge helps you grow.


Every hard-working person will receive a greater reward. Rewards are the motivation any person would need and the greater the push, the bigger the reward. We at TFT reward our Employees based on their achievements, big & small. The growth of our Employees are equally important to us. Every achievement is celebrated with meaningful rewards that keeps the entire team of TFT going & growing.

Enrichment at TFT

Our Employees are beyond being just another Employee. At Trivikram Flowtech, we are a family. We stick by each other through thick & thin. Uplifting one another is our biggest Employee value. Building an enriched life for our Employees & help them build an overall well-being with quality life is what TFT stands for.

Current job openings

No job openings available currently. Check our website for regular updates

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