Sand washing industry

Construction industry is a key driver of global economy and nearly 9 % of India’s gdp is spent on the infrastructure sector.

One of the predominant resources used in the construction industry is sand. Manufactured sand or M sand is the current trend and is the prodigal child of construction

And pumps play a critical role in the process of production of M-sand.

At TFT, we have been working extensively in the M-Sand industry by serving our customers an array of different products that are highly efficient and have versatile functionality. We have studied, researched and developed several products that will invariably help in the production of M. sand.

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There are three major products

  • 2. TFT Submersible slurry pump
  • 3. Hydrocyclone
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1. Slurry Pump

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Slurry pump is considered as the HEART OF YOUR SAND-WASHING PLANT.

Used for feeding cyclones at the required flow and specific head, the slurry pump is available in a wide range of sizes starting from 3x2, gradually moving through 4x3, 6x4, 8x6 up to 10x8.

The manufacturing techniques adopted in these pumps help us put together a product with proven performance and superior life. We have designed these pumps with simple strip down and reassembly process so that we minimise the downtime in processing industries. Also, with expeller seal arrangement, these pumps prevent leakage of slurry.

Keeping in mind the abrasion that these pumps undergo, we have made sure that they are heavy duty in nature. The wetted parts of TFT Slurry pumps are made with high abrasion and corrosion resistant, high chromium alloys with a hardness of 550 - 600 BHN. which ensures better life because of their high wear and tear resistance property. We know that performance of the slurry pump directly affects the feed of the cyclone which in turn results in the quality of the sand product, therefore we make sure these pumps work to the best of your expectation.

Materials of Construction:

  • Wetted parts in Hi-chrome (hardness of 550 – 600 BHN)
  • Other parts – Standard MoC (MS & CI)

2. Submersible Slurry Pump

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SUBMERSIBLE SLURRY PUMP or what we call - Blue elephant. These pumps are used majorly in mines, construction pits and m.sand industries where there is a requirement to pump out water and silt slurry mixture.

In M. sand industry, Blue elephant is mainly used in pumping out and displacing the silt slurry wastage (rejected wastage in Hydrocyclone and Bucket classifier).

These pumps are designed with high-chrome impellers that withstand the most demanding of conditions. They perform exceptionally well in de-silting process and are very much helpful in improving the environmental aspects.

Material of Construction:

  • Wetted parts in Hi-chrome alloys
  • Other parts – Standard MoC (MS & CI)

3. Hydrocyclone

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Another versatile yet efficient product that is used in the M-Sand industry is Hydrocyclone.

Significance of the hydrocyclone can be understood when we find that the performance of the hydrocyclone directly impacts the quality of the M. sand output.

Ranging from 250mm through 325mm, 400mm, 500mm and up to 600mm, these products are used in filtering sand particles of required size from the finer dust particles.

Our Hydrocyclones are lined with high-grade imported PolyUrethane material which is superior in quality.
The key advantages are

  • Bouncing character of the Polyurethane lining
  • 3 times more wear resistant than Tungsten carbide.
  • High impact strength.
  • High abrasion resistance.
  • High cut resistance.


We just don’t stop with sales. Our service engineers will be with you 24/7 for services like

  • Regular Inspection
  • Overhauling
  • Spares replacing
  • Testing and adjusting

To make sure your pumps are working better and efficient.

We also rent our slurry pumps when your pump is out for service to avoid the loss of productivity

We care for our customers. We always make sure your pump is healthy and runs your business efficiently.

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