High head quarry dewatering Project

17 Feb 2023

Dewatering may seem a relatively easier job with the “right pump” for the application. But the catch is, how do you know what the right pump is?

Below is one such case study where the technical prowess of our team and the manufacturing expertise worked together to supply the right pump for the application requirement.

High Head Quarry dewatering with Auto-Priming system is the application requirement. With a negative suction lift of 8 meters, a total head of 80 meters and a discharge capacity of 300 cu.m/hr, and a solid handling capacity of 40 mm, and Electricity supply being a constraint at the site, this dewatering requirement was not something we see everyday.

Understanding the requirement completely with even minor site condition detail is one of the key factors to derive at the pumping solution.

With the support of our R&D team and manufacturing team, we designed a complete dewatering system that integrates Priming system, Fuel tank and Anti-Vibration Pads. We had the trial taken at our testing facility (with a negative suction lift of 8 m) and achieved the aforementioned parameters. Below you can see the pictures of our pump running successfully at the site. The customer was happy seeing the performance of the pump. Our team was even more happy to supply a pump that exceeded the user’s expectation. Wins like these help us push our limits constantly and set higher standards.

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