Technical seminar at Thermal power plant.

17 Feb 2023

Last week, we were offered an opportunity to conduct a technical seminar in a thermal power station. We presented the modern advancements in pumping technology to keep our users updated with the latest pumping systems. The technical presentation also consisted of various troubleshooting methods to fix and eradicate mechanical / performance issues in the pumps.


This will equip our users to understand and solve the pumping problems, if any. This also translates to lower downtime and longer life cycle of the pumps.


Not only did we share insights for the Pumps manufactured by us but we shared tips to enhance the performance and longevity in all their pumps. They were very warm and the interaction we had with them helped us understand their ground reality better.

At last, this opportunity was a mutual learning experience where we learnt the underlying problems of the users and they learnt the work-around ways to troubleshoot their issues. These experiences add to our growing knowledge bank and these assets will only enable our products to keep evolving over time.


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