List of Industries

We at TFT pumps serve different industries with the motto of giving them seamless services at the best price. We have a diverse range of products that are highly versatile and capable of functioning in different industries. Our industry-specific service has helped clients to streamline their workflow and focus on the operation of their organization, entrusting us with their technical work.

Paper and Pulp industry

We have a wide range of industrial pumps that are found to be most suitable for handling different types of fluids ranging from extremely clean, to corrosive and abrasive containing solids. We offer our valued customer two types of pumps that are the best choice for paper and pulp industry. With the help of these pumps, you can use our pumps for all stages like pulp-making, kitchen coating, and even pulp preparation

Application of our pumps

  • We offer pumps that can handle paper stock of different types
  • Our pumps perform consistently well even in the case of high need for acids and alkaline
  • The pumps we make can easily be used for sludge, sewage, and infected liquids
  • Our pumps can be used to activate on liquor with mud slurries and ash contents

Chemical and Processing Industry

The chemical industry perhaps has the greatest demands for pumps. A chemical industry worker is given the duty to perform tasks involving the most toxic and combustible liquids, hence the need for reliable pumps increase. Along with handling dangerous fluids, the thermal maneuvering of the process, effluent treatment, and nano-filtration also are extremely important. We have lots of experience pumping chemicals thanks to the diverse products listed in this category.

Application of our pumps

  • Our pumps can expertly handle various types of chemicals
  • They also can transfer high viscosity in processing industries
  • In the sugar industry, the pumps help in easy transfer of molasses

Mining Industry

As a part of the mining process, different varieties of pumps are used. Depending on the fluid transfer and the required application our slurry and dredging pumps are used. Our pumps are used to work for abrasive sludge dewatering, mineral processing, slurry transfer, boosting water supply and much more. We provide definite pumping solutions for all mining operations in the most cost-effective manner.

Application of our pumps

  • Sludge in the mining fields is a problem and with these pumps de-watering of the sludge is possible at all levels
  • Slurries can be moved easily from one place to another
  • With the high-tech dredge pumps, the dredging process becomes easier
  • It can be effectively employed in washing plants and crushers

Agriculture industry

Today's agricultural irrigation is a complex interaction of sustainable energy consumption, optimum usage of water, vulnerable market conditions and application of expertise to ensure that the right pump is installed for various irrigation applications. The agricultural industry is changing rapidly and farmers now need high-tech pumps to conduct best practices. They also need to focus on profitability; hence staying competitive with higher productivity is essential. Pumping plays an important role in giving the right solutions for energy and water use. Our pumps are reliable and sturdy and are designed keeping in mind the requirements of the sector

Application of our pumps

  • Helps in the de-watering of inactive water to the farms
  • Extradite water from one place to another
  • Equally spread out irrigation for the farm

Energy Industry

Good quality pumps are important parts of oil drilling procedures. The pumps that we have constructed are used to fasten the transfer of fluid from one place to another. These refineries cannot operate without the pumps in the offering. Pumps are irreplaceable because the process of oil displacement is important in the entire rig’s operation.

Application of our pumps

  • Easy transfer of flammable and volatile liquids
  • Transfer of high-temperature oils
  • Great way to handle sludge
  • They are also used in the boiler firing process and unloading oil
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