Inclined Axial Flow Propeller Pump

Our Vaamana pump is specially made for dewatering in areas where there are restrictions for mobility. The main advantage of our Vaamana pump is that it is light weight durable and trolley mounted, thereby helping in relocating the pump whenever and wherever needed. We provide both engine and motor driven options for the pump.

  • Delivery Size : DN 100 to 300 mm
  • Capacity : Up to 1100m³/hr
  • Head : Up to 1 m
  • Temperature : Up to 100° C
  • Axial flow propeller type
  • High capacity and low head
  • High efficiency
  • Trolley mounted mobile type
  • Sea water/ Dewatering of high volume of fluid
  • Agriculture and marine industries
  • Clear water/ Slightly turbid
  • Fisheries and ponds

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