Benefits of Using Submersible Pumps

March 29, 2021
As the name suggests, Submersible Pumps are those pumps which can be fully submerged in water and help in draining water, sewage filtering, sewage draining and pumping with higher power and intensity. These pumps are gaining a huge audience for both personal and professional use due to its advantageous nature and long-lasting capacity. Introduction to Submersible Pumps Submersible Pumps, also called sub pumps or ESP (Electrical Submersible Pumps) are probably one of the best choices when you want to drain water or keep it out of your basement with the help of hermetically sealed motor carefully put close to the pump body. There are so many uses of a submersible pump. Sewage pumping, fire fighting, slurry, artificial lift for oil mining are few of them.   The submersible pumps run-through hydraulic motor and are efficient and lightweight. Whenever the water level is above 5 meters then submersible pumps become more of a necessity. The key trends include IoT adoption. As its name suggests the first advantage of a submersible pump derives from the fact that they are designed with quality of getting submerged in water. Benefits of Submersible Pumps The property of it being able to stand in water and perform its operations efficiently makes it stand out as an advantageous pump in comparison with other pumps. There are plenty of applications of submersible pump across various industries   Submersible pumps are hermetically sealed which protect the motor assembly from water. It is an oil-filled compartment that seals the motor. One must be careful while handling these pump types, however, they are insulated to prevent any electrocution risk.   Below are some of the benefits of using submersible pumps.  
  • Convenience: Submersible pumps can be carried anywhere they are required easily due to their portable size and lightweight. In addition to that, they are easy to install and have better longevity when compared to other pumps. Also, it runs very smoothly when submerged in water due to its self contained nature and built-in sealed motor which gives it uniqueness and increases convenience.
  • No priming: A lot of costs is spent on running a dry pump that needs priming. Such cost and maintenance are not required at all in Submersible pumps because they are primed already and need no priming additionally as they submerge into the water. It saves a lot of hassle. This property also helps in decreasing the maintenance cost as well as reduces the chances of an internal or external breakdown of the machine.
  • Efficiency: Since the pump is already inside the liquid it will pump, it saves a lot of kinetic energy which would be spent otherwise while lifting through suction. So, the energy required to move the fluids towards the outlet gets saved and fastens the moving process. The pump, therefore, does not need to work really hard and this leads to longevity. Using submersible pumps contributes to saving electricity or fuel or whatever the source of energy is being used to run it.Submersible pumps are capable of producing upwards of as high as 20,000 BFPD (Barrels of fluid per day) which is a very huge value as compared to other pumps.
  • Assimilation: Submersible pumps can act as a supporter of pressure pumps that need water supply in order to work. The submersible pumps can provide water for pressure cleaner if we install them inside well or lakes.
  • Non-corrosive: Due to their hermetic sealing requirement the surmisable pumps are made highly resistant to corrosion just like stainless steel. The sealing process prevents the pumps from oxidation that may lead to corrosion. It has a unique design specially made to struggle smoothly with gases and solids without any external damage to the machine. It has a small surface footprint that prevents submersible pumps from any destructive corrosion or metallic damage.
  • Zero noise: The pumps prevent any noise pollution that is a perk of it being used as an industrial object. Unlike other water pumps, these pumps getting in water produces no noise because it gets absorbed by the water. The sealed unit also acts as a stoppage of noise. So the motor mechanics have a friendly pump to work on. Submersible pumps are being widely used for this advantage as it provides a hassle-free, noise-free and peaceful service without bothering the persons or things going on around the same.
  • Secure Medium: A submersible pump keeps your children and for that matter anyone away from potential risks because its parts are not exposed outside and rather are sealed and the device is inside water. But it is best to prevent any potential risks by putting a caution sign over the sump pits and basements where pumps and motor installations are done. It is underwater due to which it provides safety against most of the natural calamities. Submersible pumps can run up to a recorded 20 years in its whole life which is huge in comparison to other pumps. It lasts longer, runs more smoothly and has a good life. It requires less maintenance making it more compatible and favorable for the user to get it installed and use.
  • Versatile: Submersible pumps are surely versatile in nature, unlike other pumps. Some are specially designed to handle fluids or liquids while some are designed to handle solids. Also, submersible pumps can easily handle sewage because of their manufacturing and appropriate design.
  • No cavitation: Cavitation which means forming of bubbles or cavities in liquid can never happen in case of submersible pumps because they are situated underwater and water flows smoothly thus it does not cause “spike” which is the main reason of cavitation. Submersible pumps are safe from all the effects of cavitation like machine damage, production of inconvenient sounds or damage to the impeller as well as the pump housing.
  • Usage in pond filters: Submersible pumps can be easily installed in the ponds as pond filters which is easy to handle, pocket-friendly, safe as well as long-lasting. It can also be used for water extraction and abstraction in ponds. Pond filters mainly use submersible pumps for sewage handling, filtering, sewage filtering, etc.
  • Usage in oil wells: These pumps are widely used in oil wells during the process of oil production to provide a type of “artificial lift” which enables it to approach and operate across a large range of depths. Using submersible pumps during this process can produce more oil as compared to when produced by natural processes.
  • Carefully designed for security: Submersible pumps are designed very carefully in a tightly contained unit which prevents them from any type of leakage or short circuit when submerged in deep water making it safer to use. It consists of watertight gaskets and seals that keep the water out from the main machine making it suitable to work underwater without any damage or threat.
  • Covers more distance than others: Due to its special design and working i.e. using direct pressure through the pipes to get the fluid out makes it cover more distance than normal non-submersible pumps.
  • Theft free: The most interesting advantage of a submersible pump is it is free from theft activities as it is installed underwater. It is very tough to do any human destructive activities when it is underwater and thus very safe.
  • Can be used by solar power: Submersible pumps can be run by using solar power easily which makes it more convenient and easy to use and also contributes towards saving money as well as the environment.
Points to Remember Submersible pumps are thus advantageous to people in a lot many ways and their benefits make them an apt product for future continuation. However, it is extremely important to take preventive measures to reduce the risk of faulty components, ensure high efficiency and maintain a safe environment for the staff members as well.   But there are a few things that should be kept in mind while using the same which are as follows :   The danger of leakage: Leaks should be taken care of while using submersible pumps because they pose a great threat to users and the machine itself. If a gasket tends to lose its integrity and starts having leaks, it will eventually result in the failure of all the internal components of the pump.   Difficult to notice failure: As the pump is submerged in water, it becomes difficult to notice its failure unless it is too late. It is again one of the important things that should be taken care of. One should always take proper preventive measures to ensure that the pumps are working in perfect condition without the risk of error or failure.   Must be fully submerged: It should be checked whether the submersible pump is fully submerged inside water or not because it is very important to submerge it properly. This ensures that the pumps work efficiently and no damage is caused to them. Final Thoughts Thus, due to these reasons, submersible pumps are being used in a wide way all over the world. Most of the people around the globe are switching to submersible pumps due to its numerous advantages and usage in different fields including commercial and personal fields.   It can also be used in sewage filtering which is its unique feature and has a great prospect in the future. Submersible pumps are predicted to have a great impact on human lives and have huge applications in future years too.   We provide an array of service including Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC), regular maintenance checks, efficiency check, pump installation, pump manufacturing and also help businesses build a strategic implementation of pumps.   If you want assistance in selecting the best centrifugal pump for your business needs or require an extra hand for the maintenance of your pumps, we are here to help you. TFT pumps has been working for decades in this industry. With an experienced team of skilled employees and trained members, we help companies to expand their business services and reach their goals.   To know more, get in touch with us via our email at