Applications of Pulp and Paper Stock Pumps- Beginner’s Guide

March 30, 2021
The paper and pulp industry makes heavy use of pulp and paper stock pumps. There are a wide variety and range of pulp and paper stock pumps that are manufactured per the field of use. The main characterizations for pulp and paper stock pumps are that they can be easily dismantled, assembled and contain all the efficiency features along with low or no maintenance cost which makes them so desirable. Introduction To Pulp and Paper Stock Pumps There are various designs and forms of pumps that are used for different purposes in industry. It is a well-known fact that paper pumps are radial in design and heavy-duty. They are used to handle pulp and paper stocks with up to 7% consistency. They fit for the liquids, sludge and raw sewage that are contaminated heavily.   For all the liquor applications in the industry, pulp and paper stock pumps are a suitable choice. Pumping stocks, liquid, abrasive/ corrosive or clean liquids with a consistency of 8% in the process industries, paper stock pumps are put to operate continuously. If the acids, corrosives and alkalies slurries are present in high capacity then paper stock pumps are a suitable option. A renewable front-rear plate is present on the open impeller and wear- the ring is present in the closed impeller. Its pressure and temperature are 22 bars and 140 degrees C respectively.   There are a wide variety and range of pulp and paper stock pumps that are manufactured per the field of use. Every company that manufactures these pumps makes efforts to bring add ons in the previous product features and they design their pulp and paper stock pumps that are able to compete with the other manufacturers worldwide.   TFT pumps is a reliable and eminent brand that has been serving in this industry for decades. We manufacture custom- design pumps suitable for your business needs within an affordable budget. We also provide an array of services- from choosing the ideal pump for your needs to installing the best machinery system for your business, conducting regular maintenance checks and providing affordable annual maintenance contracts (AMC), we help businesses work efficiently with high performance.   In this article, we have listed some of the basic information regarding pulp and paper stock pumps that you can use to understand them better.   Types of Pulp and Paper Stock Pumps 1. High-Pressure Pumps for Chip Board Manufacturing Trim Squirt The width of the web paper is determined by the former or wet-end section of the paper machine. To trim the edges a pair of trim squirt nozzles are used to focus on either side of the web a high-pressure jet of water. The knock off showers separate the cut edges from the rest of the web. The edges of the wire are forced back into the broke chest by the knock-off showers that are placed beneath. A mixture of material and pulp is formed and reused in the broke chest.   The width of the finished product is determined by Trim squirt application and it maintains the web integrity also. The wet pulp at such an early stage in the dynamic has not been through the dryer or press section. The web can get entirely ripped by the occurrence of interruption in the flow, or any irregularity or a flawed edge for that matter can stop the machine. It will eventually be re-threaded and cleaned which is very expensive and consumes a lot of time.   Chemical Dosing In the process of papermaking at various points, each kind of chemical is put to use. The abrasives are pumped with any damage if the pumps are seal-less in nature. There are available choices of materials that enable the paper and pulp pumps to handle truculent chemicals. The metering pumps with standardized diaphragm pulse several times which causes impairment or damage of the piping system.   Their uses are:
  • 1. chlorine injection to the streams of wastewater,
  • 2. pesticides into the white water,
  • 3. injecting dyes and polymers in the headbox.
Scan-Jet In some mills, a high impact fan nozzle is used to pass through the width of the fabric for the purpose of cleaning. The reciprocating nature of the nozzles makes usage of a fraction of water that is released through various branches of the piping system. Thus, it becomes important to use such pulp and paper stocks that provide a pulse-free flow. It is difficult to repair the turbine pumps of high speed and pick up tubes but it is comparatively easier to repair the types of pumps with the properties mentioned above. They provide more efficiency as well.   2. Centrifugal Process Pumps The most popular used paper and pulp pumps are centrifugal pumps in the paper and pulp industry. They come under the type of back-pullout and end-suction centrifugal pump. The manufacturing of paper has been coupled with various processes. The wood pulp paper gets manufactured in this industry called the pulp paper industry. The deinked pump is produced by the waste paper which involves washing and dissolving of fibres.   The centrifugal pumps perform all the handling and transferring process of fluid. The corrosive materials contain a wide-spectrum which can be handled with the help of centrifugal process pumps. Pulp pumps is another name given to the centrifugal process pumps in the pulp and paper industry.   Specifications of a centrifugal pump as per your organization The capacity of centrifugal process pumps is 1100m3 per hour, it can manage 15 kg per cm2 pressure and lies between 25mm to 300mm in size. The highest speed limit is 3500 revolutions per minute. 3. Slurry Pumps The centrifugal force applied by centrifugal pumps increases the solid and liquid pressure and make slurry pumps the most efficient pump. There is a conversion of electrical energy into the kinetic and potential slurry energy. Specifications of slurry pump as per your organization The slurry of high concentration and corrosives are transported using slurry pumps in the pulp and paper industry widely. They lie in the range between 75mm to 300mm. They can produce 1035kPa pressure and are 73 m long. Manufacturing Process The paper stock and pulp pump manufacturers have to keep various aspects in their mind related to the customers’ expectations with their products. Customers want to see the results and thus in this rapidly growing industry of pulp and paper in the past recent years, the pumps manufacturers have developed their work quality.   Getting connected with different industries lend a great experience about the expectations and requirements of the customers. At TFT pumps we have evolved our manufacturing processes by closely observing and connecting with our customers. If you want to make a custom-made order for pumps or are looking for affordable pump manufacturing services, feel free to call us or email us. Maintenance Provision free maintenance, wearing parts replacement in the field, two casings that help in replacing the worn-out front cover without changing the complete casing and highly efficient slurry pumps should be manufactured for the pulp and paper industry. Because of their wide use across the world, these salient features must be fulfilled and kept in mind while designing and assembling of the pulp and paper stock pumps.   The Ideal Pulp and Paper Stock Pump For Your Business Pulp and paper stock pumps can work at a higher pressure in continuity with a little maintenance and are highly preferable for chipboard manufacturing. Low pulsation reduces the dampers requirement for pulp and paper stock pumps with a diaphragm. The pumps that do not need fine filtration and reduce expenses are the best option. The maintenance should be simplified to make them more efficient and least time-consuming.   The pumps should be resistant to corrosive materials and chemicals attack with an ability to handle small solids. The pump seals should be able to stand against the harmful liquids that are likely to damage them. The manufacturing process should thus enforce such material quality that produces seal-less diaphragm pump design with an ability to withstand all the hurdles.   You can reach out to us at and we will help you in designing a suitable pulp and paper stock pump for your business needs. Variety of pumps The requirement of pulp and paper stock pumps is increasing every day and so does the variety of pumps available is also increasing. It is important to use the best quality pulp and paper stock pumps by making detailed research about the available pumps in the market.   Their efficiency, cost-effectiveness, durability, and reliance becomes essential when one needs to avoid any sort of deterioration or slow performance. The shutting down or faulty components of the pumps amid the working process leads to huge losses and time destruction which is unaffordable for many working sectors and fields.   Takeaway With the growth in paper and pulp industry, the efficiency of the pumping system is very important. The article counts and displays such pulp and paper stocking pumps which are presently put to use and are highly efficient in their working.   Although some carry backdrops as well, they can be managed easily and the performance improvement plan is consistent in such fields. The applications bring the advancements to a high and this is probably the case with pulp and paper stock pumps manufacturer as well. The wide variety of pulp and paper stock pumps that are available in the market are quite appreciable and they build a hope that this rapid growth will bring more such developments in their attempt of economic development.   We manufacture a wide range of pumps including submersible pumps, stainless steel pumps, pressure booster pumps, self-priming pumps and centrifugal pumps, which are some of the common names in the pulp pumps category. To know more, email us at