Water Pumps- Types of Water Pumps

March 30, 2021
Finding safe and abundant water has become a point of concern in the lives of people. The rains do not assure a suitable amount of water supply into the homes and agricultural fields in both rural and urban areas anymore.   This issue has been backed up by the invention of water pumps that are a medium through which the water gets transferred to the houses and fields from the underground water sources. These innovative technological products come in various designs and the rural, urban and industrial areas use these water pumps to their aid. This technology, with time, has experienced many improvements.   Thus it is not so easy to decide which is the right and most efficient water pump. The water pumps are classified into Domestic water pumps and Agricultural Water pumps conventionally.   This article will give you an insight into water pumps, their types, their manufacturing, and some other required short bits as well. But once you gain knowledge about the water pumps and their salient features you can make better choices of the water pumps that are tailored to serve your purpose best.   Types of Water Pumps As mentioned above, according to the needs and constraints of people the water pumps are partitioned into two types. These broader classifications have been further divided into their own sub-divisions. Follow the article in order to get a better insight into each one of these. After reading about each of these you are surely going to feel thankful towards all the water pump manufacturers for this tremendous growth and development.   Domestic Pumps These water pumps are used for household chores. Thus they are engineered in a specific way in order to feed the household work requirements properly. The domestic water pumps are used to pump water in smaller areas as compared to agricultural water pumps. The flow rate of domestic water pumps is lower and they utilize lesser power, unlike agricultural water pumps. Let’s have a look at the types of domestic water pumps:-   Type A: 1. Centrifugal Pumps In centrifugal water pumps, the water gets circulated by an energy conversion mechanism. The electric motor produces rotational energy. The rotational kinetic energy, in turn, gets converted to hydraulic dynamic energy. Jet centrifugal water pumps are another kind of centrifugal pumps that obtain underground water by creating a jet using a stream of sucked water. The increases the drawing capacity of the pump.   The centrifugal water pumps are the best fit for the supply of freshwater that is free from and aggressive chemicals and abrasives. These pumps with their high operating and hydraulic efficiency require little maintenance. They are better as compared to regenerative pumps in the above points.   The centrifugal pumps have a higher discharge in comparison with regenerative pumps. An ISI foot valve of good quality is essential while the installation is being done. These pumps can be used for the following purposes.  
  • 1. Wells and tanks draining
  • 2 Domestic chores
  • 3. Irrigation
  • 4. Agricultural applications
  • 5. Gardens
  • 6. Lawn sprinklers
  • 7. Filling water in a Swimming pool
  TFT pumps is one of the leading manufacturers for pumps in India. We offer cost-effective plans that meet your business requirements with minimal costs. Right from assisting you to select an ideal pump that serves your business goals, to the installation of pumps, regular maintenance checks, annual maintenance contracts (AMC) to repair/replacement of pumps, we do it all.   2. Submersible Pumps The water pumps have hermetically sealed hydraulic motor coupled with a water pump and as its name suggests the motor is submerged into the water body or fluid where it has to perform its tasks. Since these pumps have submersible properties, they do not require any priming prior to submerging process. They are self-primed. submersible water pumps are divided further into two types namely:  
  • Open Well submersible pumps
  • Tube well Submersible Pumps.
  The open well Submersible pumps are designed for open wells and water or oil-cooled. On the other hand the tube submersible pumps are used for applications related to bore wells and similar to the open well submersibles they are oil or water-cooled.   These pumps are fit for handling fresh cold water that is free from any or strong aggressive chemicals. For 3”,3.5” and 4” bore wells the tube well submersible pumps are suitable. submersible water pumps are cost-effective, lightweight and thus can be carried at the place of installation easily. They reduce the risk of vandalism to a great extent.   3. Self-Prime Regenerative Pumps In the pump’s casing of the regenerative pump, the rim has vanes fitted on either side that rotate in a ring-like duct. The fluid is recirculated back at the bottom of the impeller instead of getting discharged from the impeller’s tip. This is how the priming or one should the re-priming of the self-prime regenerative water pumps takes place. The fresh and cold water for domestic water supply like gardens and lawn sprinklers can be produced using self-prime regenerative water pumps. These pumps are free from aggressive chemicals and corrosives and are efficient at producing water. Their self-priming quality removes air and does not require a foot valve to suck water from pipelines.   4. Pressure Booster Pumps If you need to get smooth and high-pressure water supply for your residential purposes the pressure booster pumps are your solution to it. The pressure booster pumps as per their name supply water to all the sections connected to the pump with high pressure and thus they are suitable to be installed for all purposes. According to the needs, the designing of the pressure pumps has been carefully done by engineers and that’s why they produce pressurized water effectively for fulfilling all the water requirements. The ideal pump starts the water pumping process automatically as soon as the pressure level of water seems to be dropping. There is a pre-stop pressure that vindicates the pump should stop as soon as the outlet pressure rises to that level. 5. Borewell Compressor Pumps In order to draw water from deep bore wells of up to 6oo ft depth having a specific diameter, borewell compressor pumps are installed. They use the air pressure in order to pump water from the bore well. These water pumps are fit to be used according to the amount of bore well yield present. Their water discharge depends on that amount. Belt drove and Monobloc is the two subdivisions of Borewell compressor pumps. Tube well water pumps cannot be put to use when the water is muddy but the borewell compressor pump type is suitable in that case. 6. Shallow Well Pumps These pumps are a great invention for rural area pumps because, as their name suggests, they are put to be used for pumping water from shallow wells. They have high suction power and their 8 meters longer suction head makes them usable when the suction head is longer than 6 meters. The normal pumps usually have a capacity of 6 meters. Type B: These types of water pumps used in the agricultural sector are of great help for saving the rural areas, especially those which are concentrated with crop production. Through the emergence in the better and variety of water pumps for irrigation and other agricultural applications, there has been an ease and productivity in the agricultural functioning for our farmers.   The pumps used for agricultural purposes are further divided into subcategories as mentioned below:-   1. Centrifugal Monoblock Pumps With high efficiency and rate of flow which reaches up to 25LPs the monoblock centrifugal pumps are of great use when it comes,s to water supply in the agricultural fields. Their efficiency and flow rate is greater due to an increase in are in comparison with normal centrifugal water pumps used for domestic purposes. These pumps too follow the same principle of converting the rotational kinetic energy into the hydrodynamic energy of water flow. 2. Submersible Pumps The submersible water pumps as mentioned above dismiss the priming issue and they are better used for agricultural purposes. They come in a wide range of varieties and work using the same principle as mentioned above. They have a high power of 60HP and they provide 38Lps of flow rate. Along with open wells, there are options available for 4, “6” and 8” bore wells. The maximum depth up to which they can operate is 1640 ft.   Finding the Ideal Water Pump For you It can be a bit of a task to choose the right water pump as per your needs, for instance, if you want to buy a water pump with TFT then there are guiding principles in order to help you with that. You can also follow some preventive measures for centrifugal pumps which would enable you to properly maintain your pumps and run them consistently with high performance.   The main things to learn before buying a water pump is its vertical head and vertical suction which would help you to decide which industrial water pump is suitable for your business needs.   The distance from which the water has to be drawn by the pump is determined through vertical suction. The vertical suction includes the distance between the water well and pumps when the mounting of the pump is done at the top of the well. The pump section head should be cross-checked with this parameter. The delivery head and pump head distance is termed as the vertical delivery head. The vertical delivery head and height should match in order to put the pump into use Industrial water pumps.