AODD Pumps

We ensure that with our Diaphragm pumps you can pump varied liquids and even those that have more than 10-15% solids. Our diaphragm pumps are made in such a way that they pump even the harshest of slurries and heaviest of sludges with an ease.

  • Delivery Size : DN 12 to DN 100 mm
  • Capacity : Up to 90 m³/hr
  • Head : Up to 70 m
  • Temperature : Up to 140° C
  • Pressure : Up to 8 bar
  • Heavy Duty Centrifugal Design
  • Conforming to DIN 24256
  • Open impellers with renewable front wear plate and closed impeller with wear – ring
  • Simple external adjustment for impeller wear
  • Gland packed / mechanical seal
  • Ash slurry and sand slurry in thermal power stations
  • Aluminium Industries – Hydrate, Seed, Bauxite and Red mud Slurries
  • Lime mud slurry, Milk of lime, Liquor up to 50% solids
  • Heavy sludges in Effluent Treatment Plants
  • Chemical processing in Pharma industries, sugar processing
  • Sand water mixtures
  • Liquids of abrasive and coarse-grained solids

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